• Seattle, Washington is an action-packed gem of the Pacific Northwest.

Working in Seattle

Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States for a reason. Environmentally progressive, tech-savvy, artistic, festive, and surrounded by water and stunning mountain views, this unique, vibrant city will delight each of your senses.

Festival fever

Celebrations of art, music, and culture happen year-round in Seattle. Perhaps you’ve heard of two of the largest, Seattle International Film Festival or Bumbershoot? With around 100 festivals each year—reveling in bluegrass to boats, gardens to cherry blossoms, crafts to rock n’ roll—an inspired gathering is usually just days away.

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Be part of art

Have you ever seen an artist-designed manhole cover? In Seattle, you will. Along with museums and venues for performing and visual arts, art is integrated everywhere in the city. As you go about your daily activities, Seattle’s sophisticated, bubbly, and unconventional art scene will engage and charm you at every corner.

Seattle Art Museum

Getting around and active

King County Metro provides extensive bus service throughout Seattle, and a streetcar, monorail, light rail, and ferries ensure you’ll conveniently get where you need to go, when you need to. But transportation is creative here, too. Thanks to plenty of waterways and bike trails, maybe you'll prefer to take a kayak, beach cruiser, sailboat, or scooter.

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Listen to this

In live music venues across the city, you’ll experience audible delights of all genres. Seattle is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, grunge music, and current favorites from Fleet Foxes to Macklemore. It’s also the home of a world-famous symphony and opera as well as the Experience Music Project. When you move to Seattle, true talent, in all genres, abounds.

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Picking a neighborhood

In Seattle, you will have a myriad of diverse, interesting neighborhoods that are easily accessible. Art, nature, culture, food, fun—you don’t have to choose. So many neighborhoods offer so much, from artsy Fremont to hip Capitol Hill to eclectic Ballard. You will find the perfect location to call home.

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Talk about locally brewed—Yakima Valley (just two hours away) produces 75% of the hops in the United States. From a lager to a pilsner to a pumpkin porter, there is something to give every palate an authentic taste of Seattle. In intimate pubs and tour-worthy breweries, you’ll find helpful beer connoisseurs at every turn. Did we mention that Washington’s wine country starts just 25 minutes away? No matter your libation of choice, you’ll find plenty of local delights.

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Variety is the spice of life—and Seattle agrees. The city offers seasonal menus and world-spanning cuisines in quirky, personality-filled establishments. As Seattle’s art scene is integrated into life, life is vividly injected into Seattle’s award-winning food scene. It’s not just about what’s on your plate. Your entire dining experience will be delicious as well.

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