180 Museum Place Mixed-Use

San Jose, CA

Business Type

Mixed-Use: Commercial office, residential, hotel and museum


1,020,000 square-feet

The mixed-use building combines six different spaces into one cohesive energy efficient system, so residents gain a healthy and comfortable space to live and work.

Pursuing LEED Silver



  • Pursuing LEED Silver

Special features

  • VRF air conditioning in residential units almost doubles the efficiency of traditional through-wall AC units and provides residents with excellent thermal comfort
  • A Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) in office spaces results in improved indoor air quality by eliminating recirculation of “used” air
  • The office HVAC system allows for flexible tenant fit-outs
  • An on-site cogeneration system for domestic hot water allows waste heat to be converted into usable electricity
  • A closed-loop geothermal system provides efficient central heating