• Rendering courtesy of LEVER Architecture

Framework Apartments

Portland, OR

Business Type

Mixed-use building featuring workforce housing, office and retail


90,000 sf

This 12-story building design helped further research on Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and how this sustainable, lightweight material can be utilized in high-rise construction.

Pursuing LEED Gold


Pursuing 70% Energy Savings



  • Pursuing LEED Gold

Progress Report

Pursuing 70% energy savings

U.S. Tall Wood Building Prize: $1.5 million to fund the research necessary to utilize wood products in high-rise construction.

Portland Design Commission Excellence Award

Special features

• Constructed almost entirely from locally sourced materials
• Provides the construction industry with new, innovative materials through research with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
• Utilizes an extremely airtight envelope design and natural ventilation to keep a comfortable indoor temperature
• Integrated green roofs and screening to use significantly less energy than a traditional code building
• Dedicated Outside Air System with heat recovery.
• High efficiency VRF system serving office and public spaces
• Window switches that will disable heating while windows are open