• Rendering courtesy of ZGF Architects.

Jordan Research Center, Fresno State

Fresno, CA

Business Type

Educational laboratories and research facilities


31,000 square feet


Percent better energy efficiency

than code requirements


Percent better water efficiency

than code requirements


Progress Report

Pursuing 47% energy efficiency
Pursuing 20% water savings

Special features

  • A laboratory variable-volume HVAC system that uses heat recovery and completely eliminates reheat energy
  • The airflow within the building uses an air-cascade strategy to transfer pressurization air from the office to the lab spaces
  • The energy-efficient envelope will exceed the 2013 version of title 24
  • Shading strategies are used throughout the project to reduce solar load
  • The lab-exhaust fan speed is adjusted by using local wind speed information from an onsite weather station, substantially reducing fan energy use
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting will result in a 61% reduction of lighting energy use
  • Building controls use pressure and temperature reset strategies to continuously optimize building energy efficiency while maintaining required levels of ventilation
  • LEED level metering and verification will allow for granular energy and water use tracking

Media coverage

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