The Washington Clean Buildings Law (HB-1257) and Partnering for Success

To reduce emissions associated with existing and new buildings, the
Washington Clean Buildings Law encourages better performance and
maintenance of buildings along with the goal to save operational costs in the long run.

All commercial buildings over 50,000-square feet, new or retrofit, will be required to hit a certain Energy Use Intensity (EUI) target that must be measured, reported, and maintained yearly to comply. There are three pathways to achieve mandatory requirements, and our four best practices will help architects, general contractors, mechanical and electrical contractors, or owner’s existing service providers achieve compliance.

We have decades of experience with high-performance building design and direct experience working on HB-1257. We offer comprehensive energy auditing services and customized third-party analysis to provide solutions that align with your firm’s goals and within existing maintenance schedules.

View our brochure by clicking here, and read more about the Clean Buildings Standard and how our Seattle- and Spokane-based teams can work with you to achieve a straightforward compliance process.

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