• PAE Living Building. Image courtesy of ZGF Architects and PAE; ©Lara Swimmer

Greenhouse gas consulting

Reaching zero carbon

A holistic view of emissions in the built environment is critical to drawing down carbon to solve the climate crisis. As a known leader in carbon emission consulting, PAE’s services analyze all three emissions sources including scopes 1-3 and deep dives in operational, refrigerant, and embodied carbon. We help organizations, developers, and policy makers strategize goals for decarbonization and carbon neutrality.

Greenhouse gas consulting services

  • GHG emissions accounting through our proprietary Greenhouse Gas Calculator
  • Gap analysis
  • Climate-change sensitivity analysis
  • Carbon story and tracking carbon footprint
  • Grid emissions analysis
  • Material life cycle analysis (LCA)

Watch Associate Principal, David Mead's AIA short film, "Make it Zero" and take a look at our regenerative design brochure to learn more.

We also offer related services such as building performance analysis, sustainable district planning, and renewable energy systems services.