• PAE Living Building. Image courtesy of Jamie Goodwick / PORTLANDRONE.

Renewable energy systems

Resilient systems with natural solutions

Our designs find the balance of energy sources and needs, occupant comfort, and construction cost. With integrated networks of technologies such as onsite photovoltaics, batteries, and advanced controls, we create microgrids that bring resiliency and sustainability to projects. These systems can help projects achieve goals like net zero energy and grid-interactivity while also providing resiliency of critical services during outages. We work closely with clients to get to the core of the project’s needs to then create a solution that is reliable, sustainable, and economical.

Renewable energy systems services

  • Energy analysis
  • Energy lifecycle analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Lifecycle cost analysis
  • PV/BESS optimization
  • Microgrid, solar thermal, wind, PV, geothermal, hydro analysis and design

Take a look at our regenerative design brochure to learn more.

We offer related services such as building performance analysis, greenhouse gas consulting, and renewable energy systems services as well as mechanical and electrical engineering.