• PAE Living Building. Image courtesy of ZGF Architects and PAE; ©Lara Swimmer

Electrical engineering

Integration powered by operational simplicity

PAE’s electrical systems are tailored to each owner’s project requirements and adaptable enough to meet future needs. We work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders to develop innovative lighting, control, power, and distribution solutions that match the needs of the built environment and the people who work there.

Electrical engineering services

  • Utility coordination, including net metering and islanding considerations
  • Power distribution architecture with consideration for adaptable capacity and growth
  • Retrofit design with consideration of critical load, cutover sequence, and reliability
  • Overcurrent device selection and selective coordination
  • Power quality considerations
  • Load segregation and advanced metering strategies
  • Control and resiliency strategies
  • Generation integration (generators, photovoltaics, wind, fuel cell)
  • Battery storage considerations for resilience and islanding
  • Luminaire selection and specification
  • Lighting-controls integration
  • Life-safety distribution and alternate-source application (standby generators, central battery inverters, unitary battery equipment, UPS systems)
  • Single-point-of-failure and concurrent maintainability considerations
  • Medium-voltage radial and loop site and building distribution
  • Fire-alarm systems
  • Integration with security, AV, and telecommunication systems

"The building is a triumph. As envisioned, the building is fueling collaboration and innovation."

Tiffani Howard, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute