PAE Diversity Partnership Program

Creating Successful and Diverse Partnerships

The PAE Diversity Partnership Program is intended to provide an intentional, structured approach for PAE and minority and women-owned partner firms to pursue and deliver successful projects together. The program is a result of three virtual COBID roundtable discussions and experience with numerous minority and women-owned partnerships over the years.

Partner firms will meet and communicate regularly with PAE to set goals, identify strengths and challenges, and perform work in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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PAE Diversity Partnership Program services

The approach for each partnership will be unique and tailored to the needs for a mutually beneficial relationship. This may include:

  • A structured approach to pursue and deliver successful projects together
  • Clear role expectations and procedure
  • Opportunity for minority and women-owned firms to build resumes and become one of PAE’s Preferred Partners
  • Shared resources like marketing materials and a large client network
  • Support for interview coaching, teaming strategy, recruiting and project staffing
  • Business or technical skill mentorship
  • Feedback for both partners to ensure continued success

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"While PAE has long excelled at caring for the planet, our Diversity Partnership Program now bolsters our commitment to our community."

Ruwan Jayaweera, PAE Principal