• LinkedIn Campus Master Plan & Design. Rendering courtesy of LinkedIn.

Sustainable district planning

Interconnected strategy for resilient communities

PAE’s sustainable campus planning begins with strategic discussions spanning climate resources and usage demands to unforeseen impacts and potential solutions. Our early visioning and calculations look at how energy, water, and emissions balance out across the site based on the demands of the building and site elements. All this ensures the plan contributes to a meaningful, lasting project that benefits the community.

Over the last ten years we have seen a noticeable increase in clients looking for sustainable master plans. More owners and developers recognize the increased public awareness and economic drivers. More investors are looking for green portfolios. More tenants are looking for living and working spaces that have a low carbon footprint and an eco-living environment.

Our philosophy is that we can’t have environmental sustainability without financial sustainability: while we turn toward more environmentally conscious development, projects still need to pencil out at the proforma level. We enjoy the challenge of helping clients figure out the appropriate goals, along with the possible paths to achieve them.

Sustainable district planning services

  • Energy, water, and emissions analysis demands based on climate
  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Site ecology analysis
  • Sustainable materials evaluation
  • Financial consulting

Take a look at our regenerative design brochure to learn more.

We also offer related services such as building performance analysis, greenhouse gas consulting, and renewable energy systems services as well as mechanical and electical engineering.