Innovation at PAE

Ideas have the capacity to be a catalyst to disrupt the routine and create new paths. Imagining solutions takes time, incubation, and dedication within a culture of support.

PAE is committed to creating a framework for ideas to grow, connecting more ideas to more people, and learning to better care for and germinate ideas.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Allan Montpellier is a champion of ideas at all levels, using a focused lens to support, grow, and implement transformation.

The Innovation Group was created to help nurture and support a culture of innovation, where we intentionally identify and help remove barriers to innovation, then support the development of the ideas being generated. The group continually looks for better ways to help everyone at PAE be curious, collaborate, and follow through on developing the ideas with the greatest potential.

We’re tackling incremental improvements that adjust processes, evolutionary changes that impact the way we design buildings, and even revolutionary ideas that can disrupt the whole industry.

  • PGE Energy and Emissions Estimator

    We supported PGE on their newest tool, the Energy and Emissions Estimator, aimed at helping owners, developers, architects, and more understand the benefits of electrification and grid-interactive buildings.

  • Saving Sunnyville Now Out

    Saving Sunnyville is the story of three young adventurers who draw inspiration from engineering solutions to help their town get food, water, and energy.

  • Farmers and Seeds

    Like farmers tending to “idea seeds,” we help connect ideas to resources that move them forward while inspiring broader change.

  • Periodic Table of Innovation

    Similar to how the periodic table of elements contains the building blocks to the universe and life, the Periodic Table of Innovation contains the ideal qualities needed for a firm to thrive and continue innovating. Explore the whole interactive table here!

  • Inspirations

    Many books and thinkers contributed to our philosophy of Innovation, like Eat, Sleep, Innovate and Lead and Disrupt.

Innovation in Action

Innovation in our Projects

Our high-performing building designs demand engineers to be innovative and solution oriented as they look beyond code requirements. Explore our Living Buildings, All-Electric projects, Net Zero projects, and more.

Research and Development

Research and Development is a key pillar at PAE, and our R&D Grant Program offers an annual incentive to foster new avenues of thought through independent research topics.

What is R&D at PAE?

Microgrid Design

Light on Waste

Germinating Ideas

We have explored new ideas around microgrids, resiliency, and more. Our annual Jamborees are a dedicated time to brainstorm new pitches around specific topics like AI or water re-use, providing a community space where ideas can play off one another.

Resilient Design