• Embarcadero Center Lobbies. Image courtesy of Joe Fletcher.

LUMA Lighting Design

Shaping human experience through light

Luma is the architectural lighting design team of PAE. Shaping and controlling light to provide positive, humanistic experiences in architecture is at the core of our design practice. From simple daylit structures to highly integrated and interactive electric lighting and control systems, our designers employ design strategies and technologies that fit the unique requirements of each client. From concept to execution, our design process is highly collaborative, inherently sustainable, and more than a little fun. We listen and probe. We question and clarify, exploring all options. We then use light to organize and reinforce the architectural vision.

For more information on Luma Lighting Design, visit the Luma website.

LUMA Lighting Design services

  • Architectural lighting
  • Exhibit lighting
  • Landscape and site lighting
  • Façade lighting design
  • Custom luminaire design
  • Art and installation lighting
  • Daylighting design, integration, and analysis
  • Photometric modeling and analysis
  • Sustainable analysis and design

"A glowing review; we were impressed with the level of thought that went into the various concepts you put forth."

Courtney Gibbs, Architectural Designer, Kevin Daly Architects