Plumbing engineering

Healthy solutions for water and waste

PAE’s mission to solve the world’s water challenges starts and ends, in a large part, with plumbing design. We work early on with project teams to analyze the use of water and find healthy, innovative, and even simple designs elegantly integrated with the building’s mechanical and electrical systems.

Plumbing engineering services

  • Sustainable plumbing systems and indoor water use reduction strategies including:
    • Water budgets and analysis
    • Use of low-flow plumbing fixtures
    • Onsite treatment and reuse systems utilizing alternative water sources
    • Nutrient recovery to compost and fertilizer systems
    • Vacuum waste systems
  • Energy-saving design strategies for domestic hot water systems including all-electric heat pump design and solar thermal systems
  • Plumbing systems including storm drainage, sanitary waste and vent, fuel gas, domestic hot and cold water, and fuel oil systems
  • Specialty piping systems including compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen, oxygen, and high purity water systems