A New Vision and Mission for PAE

Our new Vision represents a collective aspiration and our new Mission tells us how to get there.

We're excited to unveil our updated Vision and Mission, signaling a pivotal moment in our company's journey toward a more sustainable future.

Our New Vision: A world with clean air, energy, and water for all.

Over the years PAE’s Vision and Mission have undergone changes to reflect the values of our staff and leaders. After more than a decade of guiding our efforts, our previous Vision, "To help solve the planet's energy and water challenges," paved the way for our renewed commitment. Our new Vision represents a collective aspiration—a world where clean air, energy, and water are universally accessible, shaping a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Our New Mission: Building a sustainable future in one generation by:

  • Accelerating change through technical excellence and innovation,
  • Inspiring our clients to achieve their highest goals,
  • Collaborating to do our best and most creative work,
  • Sharing our knowledge and values.

While our Vision describes what kind of world we want to live in, our Mission outlines how to get there. It underscores our dedication to technical excellence, innovation, client care, and collaborative teamwork, all essential elements in achieving our Vision.

Our new Vision and Mission sparked a lot of excitement among our team and help drive our strategy for the next five years. Among some of the impact areas we plan to focus on are:

  • Measuring our impact: Our impact is through our projects and our influence in driving the direction of the industry. We are developing a system to judge the impact of to work we do which we hope will guide where we chose to focus in the future.

  • Zero Carbon Affordable Housing: Our most vulnerable communities deserve healthy buildings and can benefit most from the cost savings that come from energy efficiency and onsite renewable energy. We proved a model for Living Building offices with the PAE Living Building and are working to do that same for Affordable Housing.

  • Codes and Policies: Senior Principal Allan Montpellier recently served as a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Washington State Energy Code, which passed legislation in 2023. With these changes, Washington is leading the country with a progressive energy code and our team was honored to provide suggestions for code amendments, as well as reviewing other amendments. We are increasing our involvement groups like this because as technical experts with a history of successful solutions, we are in a position to help our communities create the conditions for a world with clean air, energy, and water that we all want.

As we embark on this new chapter, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional service, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and making a positive impact on our world. Together, we're poised to shape a sustainable tomorrow, where clean air, energy, and water are not just ideals but fundamental necessities.

Read the letter about the update from our President and CEO, Christian J. Agulles.