Net Zero Around the World - An AIA COTE Sustainability Slam Presentation

PAE's own David Mead presents on Net Zero Energy buildings around the world.

By 2020, the European Council is asking all new buildings to be at near Net Zero. Learn how countries have successfully adopted Net Zero around the world, utilizing low-cost Passive House principles. What encourages this type of growth? Is it better to incentivize with carrots or sticks? How might we get to net positive energy gain? Click here to watch the 7 minute presentation from PAE’s David Mead.


David collaborated recently on a research fellowship with Project Drawdown, a coalition of professionals, students, policy makers, and environmental activists. They’ve identified over 100 solutions to positively impact climate change, including increasing the number of Net Zero buildings. He presented the project findings at the Sustainability Slam from AIA Seattle’s Committee on the Environment (COTE), an event held twice a year to showcase the inspiring sustainable design work growing from the Seattle community.

Click here to watch the video.