Marco Alves collaborates on fresh air design in “This is Air”

Air is all around us. But what is the best way to get healthy, fresh air to our indoor spaces?

Explore how fresh air creates comfort, promotes health, and improves cognitive function with this informative piece by PAE’s Marco Alves, Digifabshop’s Josh Emig, and Vital Architecture’s Nash Hurley. The collaborative article was published in the Bay Area Registry and discusses the creation of air systems design that can stand up to changing environmental impacts such as wildfires.

Indoor air is traditionally geared to what people think of as an ideal “comfort,” a complicated mixture of temperature and relative humidity. But, as the authors state,

“today, fresh air systems need to deliver more than comfort—they need to deliver health. So, what is the difference between a fresh air system designed for comfort and one designed for health?”

From variables like human expectations, wind, internal and external health threats, and differing filtration needs, there is a lot to consider.

Read more about the best ways to bring the health benefits of fresh air indoors in the article, This is Air (subscriber content), and be sure to reach out to our air systems design expert, Marco Alves, at to collaborate on your ideas for design or current projects.