Continuing to Promote Innovation

These leaders at PAE and Luma are driving the conversation, internally and industry-wide, on best practices and sustainable design.

Our newest Principals

PAE is proud to welcome our two newest principals, and we thank them for their dedication to solving the planet's energy and water challenges.

Matt Jones, PE, LEED AP
"Part of what makes PAE successful is working with great clients. We've developed a strong partnership with Oregon Health & Science University and have been one of their primary service providers for over two decades. Now OHSU is ranked #1 in Oregon for excellent patient care, safety, and experience. That's the kind of relationship that I'm proud and excited to be a part of."

Grant Craig, PE, LEED AP BD+C
"I'm proud to be contributing to innovative solutions for our clients. We have great examples in recent mixed use and commercial developments that feature sustainable and cost effective systems that synergize with the architecture. PAE is playing a key role in helping clients meet and exceed their sustainability goals. That's what drives me."

Leadership Promotions

These talented members of the PAE team are the next generation of management, and we look forward to their future innovations.

Michael Kim, PE Associate Principal
Michael is recognized for his success as a designer, mentor, and leader.

Daniella Moreano Wahler, PE, LEED AP Senior Associate

David Mead Senior Associate

Tim Elley, PE, LEED AP Senior Associate

Alper Erten, PE, LEED AP Technical Associate

Aric Goe, PE Technical Associate

Jennifer Abram Business Associate

Jessica Trued Business Associate

Katie Zabrocki, PE Associate

Moana Reynau, PE, LEED AP Associate

Ryan Sennett, RCDD Technical Associate

Our newest Project Managers

PMs are the backbone of PAE and Luma's sustainable designs, interfacing with clients and technical staff to deliver ideas that inspire.


Dave McIlvena, PE, LEED AP

Erik Campbell

Ian Seagren

Kyle Frennea, PE, LEED AP BD+C, HFDP

The Next Generation

We are proud of the staff members who received promotions and wish them continuted success through their ability to inspire, interpret, and integrate.

Adam Bernardo, Engineer E-3
Alex Ridley, Lighting Designer L-4
Anna Lee, Engineer E-3
Aubrey Ganz, Designer D-1
Brian Croshal, Engineer E-4
Briana Whitehead, Project Coordinator PC-3
Carley Heinen, Project Coordinator PC-4
Chelsea Guenette, Engineer E-3
Connor Schmitt, Engineer E-3
Craig Lardiere, Engineer E-2
Dany Rachi, Designer D-2
David Dang, Engineer E-3
Dave Stecher, Engineer E-3
Davis Muxlow, Engineer E-2
Jarren Parthemer, Engineer E-3
Jordan Loustalot, Project Coordinator PC-2
Kaci Bennett, Project Financial Analyst 2
Kara Manis, Designer D-1
Kristine Sherman, Project Coordinator PC-3
Mandy Cooper, BIM Technician BT-2
Mathew Gyure, BIM Technician BT-2
Mike Smolkowski, Engineer E-4
Nathan Dow, Designer D-2
Nick Etheredge, Engineer E-3
Paula Hopker, Graphic Designer GD-2
Renjith Moolakatt, Engineer E-2
Ryan Lalum, Designer D-4
Sam Keo, Designer D-2
Sarah Dawson, Project Coordinator PC-3
Sasha Mitchel, BIM Technician BT-2
Sydney Mills, Project Coordinator PC-4
Sydney Laudenslager, Engineer E-3
Travis Guenther, Engineer E-3
Weisheng Zhong, Lighting Designer L-2
Will Dundon, Engineer E-2