Our COVID-19 Response

A note to our colleagues, clients, family, and friends.

Now, more than ever, we take our role as consultants seriously. Fortunately, PAE has invested in the technological infrastructure to remain communicative and productive while practicing responsible social distancing.

We have activated our business continuity plan and do not expect any disruption in providing best-in-class deliverables and service.

Our engineering, design, and business staff are well-versed in best practices for virtual collaboration and performance - telecommuting and "anywhere productivity" are already an integrated part of PAE's culture and capabilities.

We are all in this together. We remain committed to your project's goals and look forward to hearing from you.

San Francisco
SanFrancisco@pae-engineers.com – (415) 544-7500

Seattle@pae-engineers.com – (206) 596-8606

Portland@pae-engineers.com – (503) 226-2921

Eugene@pae-engineers.com – (541) 735-6222

As we work remotely, you might catch a glimpse of our personal lives - dogs, cats, children, partners - we choose to see this as a great opportunity for building relationships in this time of social distancing.