Do you remember your first… Living Building?

Open for more than a year, The Bullitt Center is the first building in the country to accomplish many sustainable benchmarks. Here are a few of the project’s firsts:

*First six-story building in the United States to be truly energy-positive from sunbeams hitting its own roof.
*Most energy efficient office building in America.
*First public office building in the United States to have a potable rain water reclamation system.
*First office building in an American city to infiltrate all its treated gray water into the soil on site.
*First commercial structure in the United States to achieve “project certification” from the Forest Stewardship Council.
*First six-story building in the world to use only composting toilets.
*First building to eliminate 362 common building materials that are toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or endocrine-disrupting.
*First large commercial structure in the world to attempt to meet the Living Building Challenge.