PAE welcomes Christian J. Agulles as incoming President and CEO

As a natural next step in our firm's evolution, Christian J. Agulles is taking the helm of PAE as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Christian will honor Paul Schwer's legacy by addressing climate change through engineering and design, continuing to strengthen our firm's culture, and advancing us toward a renewable energy future.

As Paul steps down from the day-to-day of leading PAE, we reflect on his influence in growing the firm from 39 people in 2004 to a 350+ person Certified B-Corp today. Paul has solidified his role as an exceptional leader for the last 18 years. His underlying philosophy is rooted in caring: about people, about the planet, and about ensuring his community can continue making an impact. Through PAE, he has influenced trailblazing industry policies like paid family leave, sabbaticals, and a triple bottom line while pushing ourselves and the built environment to ever higher goals around sustainable design and client care.

As President Emeritus, Paul will remain active, pursuing passion projects and supporting Christian. Known for vivid optimism, undying belief in the best of people, and a trust in the unrelenting dream of a world powered by renewable energy, Paul has inspired us all for decades.

“We were privileged to have Paul’s leadership for the last 18 years, and I know that Christian will honor that legacy while driving PAE even further.”

Grant Craig, Principal

Leading the 350-person firm, Agulles will focus on positioning PAE for a new era of addressing decarbonization through engineering and design. He will support the the Regenerative Design Group, which provides thought leadership and develops fresh, new strategies to advance net-zero carbon and beyond. His goals include growing PAE’s talent and range, focusing on Living Buildings and moving the firm into a new era of innovation with Chief Innovation Officer Allan Montpellier.

“As I take on this new role, I will lead PAE to create space for curiosity and invention and to leverage the passion, creativity, and ideas of our talented staff. Our vision is to help solve the planet’s energy and water challenges. Through our services and our advocacy, we will continually ask ourselves, Are we doing enough? and What more can we do?”

Christian Agulles, President and CEO

We welcome Christian into his new role and are ready to see where his leadership, passion, and vision will take us.