MESA Career Day: Learning about designing green buildings

PAE welcomed 78 students to MESA Career Day this winter.

MESA Day is an annual state competition for the MESA Schools Program in Oregon. Student teams compete to test and demonstrate the engineering projects that they develop throughout the school year.

Past projects have included Trebuchets, Wind Mills, and Solar Powered Lanterns. This year, students are working on a human-centered design challenge and winners of Oregon MESA Day will have the opportunity to compete at the Nationals competition.

Students came to PAE to learn about the design and consulting engineering fields. They were taught the basics of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical engineering as well as lighting design, technology, and sustainability. The middle schoolers had the opportunity to participate in various activities, each designed to exemplify and provide hands-on learning for each of the design careers that we have to offer.

Volunteer Abbie Bullen, Mechanical Engineer, said of the day:

I loved getting to know the students and watching their enthusiasm throughout the day. I really enjoyed their curiosity at the end of our day together during the questions and answers.

Discover more by taking a look at the PAE career-focused presentation for middle and high school students here: