"Operational, Refrigerant and Embodied Emissions: Why They All Matter"

PAE’s David Mead published in G7’s Climate Change: The New Economy magazine.

The article explains how a holistic view of emissions in the built environment is critical to drawing down carbon and addressing global warming. The piece also provides an example of a building that addressed all three emissions sources – the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Innovation Center. Here is a brief excerpt:

"Operational, refrigerant and embodied emissions determine a building's impact throughout its lifetime. Despite the importance of all three emissions, most building practitioners and policy makers are focused solely on operational emissions (those tied to energy use), often leading to poor design and policy choices… In order to create built environments that are true climate solutions, buildings must holistically resolve their emissions."

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Learn more about the RMI Innovation Center project.

"Operational, Refrigerant and Embodied Emissions: Why They All Matter.” Climate Change: The New Economy. May 2018: 92