PAE Named #23 in Oregon Business' 100 Best Companies to Work For

A big thanks to our employees for voting us onto the list!

PAE is proud to announce that we’ve made #23 on the list of Oregon Business’ 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon. The annual survey tallies workers’ own responses on topics like benefits, work environment, performance management, career development and learning. As the only engineering firm to make the list we are honored to know that our employees enjoy being here. Our Triple Bottom Line is key: we know our success is measured not only by profit, but also by our commitment to the environment, our employees, and our communities.

With 6 Living Buildings (including one we occupy for our Seattle office) and 170 LEED rated projects completed or in progress, we are committed to finding unique solutions that meet clients’ pro forma goals while reducing the impact of buildings on the environment. McKenzie Richardson, Marketing Production Manager, notes, “The firm’s commitment to and passion for sustainable and innovative practices is inspirational. And who doesn’t want to be inspired when they come to work every day?”

Our focus on sustainability and the environment was what attracted Mechanical Engineer Karina Bonin to PAE even while she was earning her degree. “I knew I wanted to use my skills in a way that would have a positive impact on the environment,” she says. “One day I discovered PAE and found that the company’s mission to create a better environment resonated with my passion for discovering efficient and elegant solutions. I knew that working for PAE would be my dream job.” She followed the company for years after graduating from the University of Texas and jumped on the first flight when the chance to interview came up. “It has been a huge honor to work with such a talented, passionate group of people who are pioneering our mission to make our built environments sustainable. I truly feel I am right where I need to be.”

Success in the field and in sustainability rings hollow if we don’t also value our employees. By encouraging creativity, training, and employee wellness through benefits that support them and their families, we can create a happy and productive workplace. Flexible working hours, paid sick and vacation time, and the ability to telecommute promote a healthy work-life balance. Our new ground-breaking Wellness Leave program hopes to ease the stress for expectant families. It provides up to 6 weeks of full salary for any PAE employee welcoming a child or dealing with a serious health condition.

Even before the new leave policy, PAE committed to helping employees through times of struggle. Mechanical Engineer Eidan Bray shares her experience:
“I was hired here in April 2014. I love the culture and the people, and was happy I had moved from my previous company. In January of 2015, I was diagnosed with incurable/terminal stage 3 brain cancer. I was donated over 6 months of PTO which helped to carry my family through this time. I took about 9 months off, and then wanted to be back despite having over a year left of treatment. I’ve talked to so many other young adults fighting cancer, and I have to tell you, nobody has a better employer than PAE. The outpouring of support has been unbelievable. I am beyond grateful for the support I’ve been shown, and am so proud to work here.”

We value the community inside our office and out. Our employees can volunteer up to 20 hours a year for community service. In 2016 PAE logged 332 hours company wide. In 2017 we’re upping the goal in honor of our 50th anniversary to urge 50 employees to max out their hours: that’s 1,000 hours! Project Coordinator Sydney Mills enjoys managing the service events throughout Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. “The program allows PAE to support our staff’s involvement, and gives employees extra flexibility to pursue their personal goals for volunteering in the community.”

In our workplace community, we work based on mutual respect. The office values an open layout, generating a warm environment where communication is key and talking about any conflicts is encouraged through an Open Door Policy. Tim Elley, a project manager, reflects, “After working here for many years I’ve grown to respect, trust, and just genuinely like personally the leadership staff and my colleagues at PAE.” To help foster connectedness, our company Fun Committee regularly schedules events like bowling, sports games, and outdoor hikes.

The (Triple) Bottom Line
As a Triple Bottom Line firm, part of the way PAE measures our success is through the positive impact we have on the planet, our employees and our communities.
“Why PAE?” Senior Associate Mike Streb sums it up, “It’s a company that is not satisfied with the status quo; we’re always looking for ways to improve on everything we’re about: planet, people and making a living.” We are at our best when our employees are inspired, happy, and valued. A big thanks to them for our award as an Oregon Best 100!