PAE Celebrates 50 Years and Forward

PAE celebrates our 50th Anniversary by looking forward 50 years to 2067. What will the future bring?

This year marks PAE’s 50th anniversary. As we look back, we also look forward, inviting our clients, peers, families and friends to join the conversation: what do we envision 50 years from now? Please join the conversation by taking our survey here. Check back soon for the results!

What Will 2067 Bring?
Led by our vision to “help solve the planet’s energy and water challenges,” we look with hope to the future of the planet. The rise of renewables continues to gain speed, while coal plants are shutting down across the nation. Renewable energy now provides more than 50% of all new energy sources added to the electric grid worldwide.

Much like cell phones, once expensive, now ubiquitous, we hope that Living Buildings will one day become average. We strive for a future where design will be equitable, regardless of wealth or geographic location. Everyone will have access to healthy, comfortable, and productive spaces to live, work, play, and heal. As Paul Schwer, president, asserts, “In 50 years, PAE will need a new vision!”

What will we celebrate in 50 years? Our energy and water problems solved. A world powered by renewable energy. Regenerative design strategies for a healthier, thriving planet. At PAE, we will look to the next problems. “We’ll continue to gather passionate people who enjoy collaborating, to solve the problems of their day,” Schwer says, ready to tackle more challenges. “If it was too easy, it wouldn’t be any fun.”

Looking Back
PAE started as Peterson Associated Engineers in 1967. The first engineering firm in Portland to integrate mechanical and electrical design, PAE began by working on commercial and industrial projects, then branched into elementary and middle schools, hotels, and the booming tech sector.

In 1986 the firm became PAE Consulting Engineers and continued to grow across the west coast, eventually opening offices in Seattle, Eugene, and San Francisco. An early adopter of sustainable design, PAE completed our first LEED certified project in 2001. Today, we are currently involved in our sixth Living Building Challenge.

With over 225 staff members across four offices, PAE has become a leader in sustainable design and forward-thinking. A “triple bottom line” company, we focus on people, profit, and planet by hiring and retaining the best talent while pursuing inspiring projects.

Celebrating Our History

Learn more about PAE's history by reading our Milestone article from the Daily Journal of Commerce.