PAE Earns JUST Label from ILFI

The JUST Label isn't a certification program, but rather a transparency platform for organizations to disclose their operations, how they treat their employees, and where they make financial and community investments.

In late August 2018, the International Living Futures Institute (ILFI) published PAE's JUST Label. PAE decided to participate in January to help create a more socially just and equitable world through corporate transparency.

To earn the label, ILFI reviewed 21 of PAE's policies, an employee survey, and the supporting data. The materials ILFI reviewed can be found on the JUST label website, along with PAE's JUST Label. Label-earners are required to update their data once every 3 years. PAE's goal is to update the data annually to be more transparent and to more frequently monitor PAE's commitment to social equity.

PAE is particularly proud of our ratings in the Worker Benefit and Stewardship categories. With 3 out of 3 points for all Worker Benefit sub-categories -- worker happiness, employee healthcare, and continuing education -- our dedication to ensuring happy, healthy employees is evident. A few of our key policies that helped us achieve this rating include a generous benefits package, optimum work-life balance considerations, commuter benefits, gym membership stipends, and a dedication to continuing education by reimbursing employees for registration renewals and dues or expenses for professional organization memberships or classes.

Not only does PAE treat employees well, but we're also committed to being good stewards of our community and our planet. By offering 20 hours of paid community service time for our employees, and being dedicated to helping solve the world's energy and water crises through our designs and internal practices, we earned high marks in the JUST Stewardship category.

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