What does being WiredScore Accredited mean?

Technology Designer Ryan Sennett leads PAE by becoming WiredScore AP certified

To address the ever-increasing demand for high quality technology and connectivity in the built environment, PAE and our technology engineer and Senior Associate Ryan Sennett have recently joined with WiredScore to become one of the first waves of WiredScore Accredited Professionals in the United States.

WiredScore is much like a LEED or other sustainability rating, in that it offers a building a label to showcase that a property is technologically ready for the future. It demonstrates that the building has been well-planned to ensure wired connectivity, for good internet access or phone coverage. It also includes an emphasis on resiliency and redundancy, and consideration for constant technological improvements.

“It tells owners and tenants that if you’re looking for future flexibility, if you want to know that your tech systems can remain up and running in an event, this is the place to be,” says Sennett.

For tenants, the benefit is in knowing your connectivity is secure, and for owners, it’s in being able to promise more to tenants and let lease rates reflect that. The advantage for residents, higher education dormitories, and commercial office spaces is clear.

While in the past anyone interested in getting a building WiredScore certified had to work directly with them, the new AP program allows credentialed associates to assist.

“Really it’s about wanting to serve our clients. We’ve had clients come to us in the past few years and say that they want to achieve this certification, so when WiredScore rolled out the AP program we knew we wanted to be certified.”

Ryan Sennett, PAE Senior Associate

By designing to future-proof considerations early in the project, a lot of effort can be saved later on. It’s also a low cost to consider in the design phase rather than changing it during construction, so adding in well-informed discussions and cost analyses early on can offer an advantage.

While Ryan is the first in PAE’s Technology team to be certified, more of our experts will be adding WiredScore AP to their credentials in the future.

“We’re excited to offer this service to clients,” says Sennett. “A lot of the things WiredScore rates on are things we’ve been designing for and studying already, but it’s a great bonus to help owners get the rating and that plaque in their lobby.”