PAE Living Building on OPB's "Think Out Loud"

Paul Schwer and Kathy Berg discuss full Living Building Challenge certification for the PAE Living Building

The PAE Living Building earned full Living Building Challenge certification from the International Living Future Institute in May this year. The certification confirms that the building meets the world’s most rigorous sustainability standard and is among the most resilient projects in the world.

Located in Portland, Oregon’s historic Old Town district, the five-story, 58,000 SF mixed-use building is the first fully certified Living Building in Portland as well as the first developer-driven and largest commercial urban Living Building in the world. The project is now the 35th fully certified Living Building. Over the performance period, the PAE Living Building generated 113% of the energy needed to power the entire building from onsite and offsite solar panels. It also collected and treated 100% of water needed for all building functions, including drinking water.

President Emeritus Paul Schwer and ZGF Partner Kathy Berg recently joined Dave Miller of OPB on Think Out Loud for a conversation about the successes and challenges of designing a net-positive energy and water building.

Listen to the conversation here!

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