Promoting Innovation

Congratulations to the nine management-level promotions and scores of other well-deserved advancements.

Our unique company culture and the innovative projects we design help PAE attract and retain some of the top engineers in the nation, allowing us to cultivate the next generation of leaders from within. They have not only designed some of the highest performing buildings in the country, they’ve done so by focusing on the values of inspiring, interpreting, and integrating great design in the engineering field.

Zachary Suchara, AIA, LEED AP, LC Principal

Zach is the director of Luma Lighting Design and a principal with more than 20 years of experience in architecture and lighting design. Zach’s work unites architectural form and materials with color, light, and shadow to produce harmonious spatial experiences that positively impact the planet. A true thought leader, Zach provides continuing education for lighting designers, presenting on the ways integrated lighting design can enhance the built environment and advance sustainable design. We are proud to have Zach join the ranks of our 12 Principals, and want to give special recognition to his 12 years building Luma into the successful design studio it is today.

Robert Mills, PE Senior Associate

A leader in PAE’s Eugene office, Robert has over a decade of experience designing electrical systems. Through his diverse project experience and analytical savvy, Robert is skilled at providing innovative, maintainable, and reliable engineering solutions. His enthusiasm for forging collaborative relationships through good communication creates cohesive teams and successful designs. Robert’s work in Southern, Central, and Eastern Oregon has helped PAE grow our client base across the west coast, bringing sustainable designs to all corners of the state.

Brock Soderberg Associate

Brock is a talented lighting designer with an education rooted in architectural design. With 10 years of experience in team leadership and conceptual and architectural design, Brock has uses his unique blend of technical and artistic expertise to design a variety of complex lighting systems throughout the U.S. and internationally. Brock is passionate about defining new spacial arrangements, products, and graphics which integrates the viewer with their surroundings and demonstrate the connection that we share with the world around us.

Carmen Cejudo, PE, LEED AP Associate

Carmen is a project manager and plumbing designer with extensive knowledge of a variety of building codes including the Washington State Energy Code, Seattle Energy Code, Uniform Plumbing Code and International Mechanical Code. She provides energy code consulting and compliance documentation for dozens of projects throughout Washington State. This thorough understanding of the permit process, code language, exceptions, and documentation tools and techniques brings sustainable and innovative system designs to all client types, focusing on energy and water efficiency.

Michael Yee, PE, LEED AP Associate

A versatile engineer, Michael integrates electrical, lighting, and telecommunications infrastructure to bring cohesion and ease to the built environment. With a decade of experience in electrical system designs, Michael serves as a resource for project teams on electrical and building energy codes and load calculations.

Michelle Johnson, PE, LEED AP Associate

With 13 years of experience, Michelle has offered her expertise on a wide variety of healthcare projects across the metro area. She designs efficient electrical systems that save energy and are easily maintained. Michelle is passionate about building relationships with clients, and is skilled at collaboratively producing successful designs that serve the client’s needs.

Stormy Shanks, PE Associate

Stormy is a talented mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience designing mechanical systems that are comfortable, invisible, and maintainable. Stormy is well versed in utilizing energy modeling early in the deisgn process to inform decisions about building massing, envelope, orientation, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Fascinated by building simulation, Stormy looks toward a future where The Internet of Things, building simulation, and building automation come together to provide continuous commissioning as a standard part of every commercial building.

Katie Zabrocki, PE Project Manager

With a strong background in energy and 7 years of experience in sustainable designs, Katie will bring innovation and energy-efficient systems to the projects she manages. She is a valuable re-source to design teams in determining energy savings relating to HVAC systems, building controls, lighting, water, and renewable opportunities. Katie played an essential part in the creation of PAE’s Women in Leadership group, and helped advocate for and shape our gender-neutral paid leave policy.

Scott Kuyper, LC, LEED AP B + C Lighting Project Manager

Scott has over 16 years of experience in architecture, urban design and planning. Originally from Hawaii, Scott has spent eight years working nationally and internationally, experience he draws on for creativity, inspiration, and perspective. Scott provides clients with expertise in daylight modeling and analysis, facilitating sustainable and timeless lighting designs. Scott also helped develop LEED AP standards for the Neighborhood Development accreditation with the Green Building Certification Institute in 2004, galvanizing his commitment to PAE’s mission of helping solve the planet’s energy and water challenges.

PAE is proud of the staff members who received promotions, and wishes them continued success:

Jay Freeman, IS Core Services Manager
Ariel Heintze, Engineer E-3
Austin Greene, Engineer E-2
Brett Showers, Engineer E-4
Chelsea Cassady, Project Coordinator PC-4
Christian Tom, Service Desk Administrator
Christina Bennett, BIM Technician BT-2
David Pasc, Engineer E-2
Devin Coulter, Engineer E-4
Doug Hill, Designer D-3
Dustin Peek, Designer D-2
Eric Reed, Engineer E-3
Greg Bucher, Engineer E-2
Jonny Hoolko, Lighting Designer L-3
Karina Bonin, Engineer E-3
Khiem Mai, Engineer E-4
Lindsay Hoefert, Engineer E-2
Lindsay Schmidt, PFA Coordinator
Lindsey Turner, Staff Accountant 1
Lisa Delzer Cox, Project Financial Analyst 2
Luke Hendricks, Engineer E-4
Marcus Korotkih, Engineer E-2
Samantha Ulrich, Staff Accountant 2
Snow Budnik, Project Coordinator PC-2
Terry Hirt, Project Financial Analyst 2
Victoria Haynes, Designer D-4