Regenerative Design Group: A closer look

Our Regenerative Design Group helps our clients establish and guide the project vision. By making the invisible, visible, we provide an understanding of the interactions and connections between the architectural design and building systems. Our dynamic data-driven approach, along with teamwork, allows for the possibility of new solutions in the built environment.

Project Visioning
PAE relies on our regenerative design group to help clients make informed decisions in everything from sustainability goals for their projects to building performance and occupant satisfaction. This is done through careful analysis and our deep understanding of building science to show predictive performance and the value of the goals over time.

It also enables us to advise against any mishaps before they happen. The quantitative analysis makes qualitative visions a reality and allows us to envision even more for the project than anticipated had we not used the tool in the first place.

“These tools let us build beyond our most audacious sustainability goals.”

Data-driven Approach
Our analysis throughout the design process to inform the vision, implement details, and track performance. All of this is done with a data-driven approach that takes large data sets such as 8,760-hour files that simulates performance for both current and future weather conditions for a building in a particular location.

Data analytics are used to probe results and find optimal solutions to complex problems. This type of data-driven approach allows teams to test ideas and see how they can perform. It also creates far more confidence that a design can work once it is built.

By simulating many ideas and solutions, we discover designs that would previously never have been considered. These are often the big moves on projects that take them to the next level of performance allowing them to achieve lofty goals without needing lofty budgets.

Making the Impossible Possible
We have heard many times that certain goals or outcomes are impossible. It is far too common for engineers to have preconceived notions of what is possible and write off solutions even before considering them. We strive to do the opposite – to make the impossible possible.

This is done through rigorous analysis to find unified architectural and engineered solutions, and our services are at the heart of making this a reality. Though there are limits to what is possible, we believe those limits are set far too low on most projects. All projects can be elevated with a great vision and robust analysis work.

Our Services
Our services provide an understanding to the interactions and connections between the architectural design and building systems. Check out our service pages for even more details on the specifics of Building performance analysis, Renewable energy systems, Greenhouse gas consulting, and Sustainable district planning.

Discover more about how each service takes a practical approach to sustainable solutions from Passive House and Net Zero Energy in climates from the hot and humid South to the cool and rainy Pacific Northwest, and from projects in all sectors from educational spaces to commercial high-rises in our brochure.