Sustainable Campus Planning

Sustainable campus planning begins with strategic discussions spanning climate resources and usage demands to impacts and potential solutions and ensures that our plan contributes to a meaningful, lasting project that positively impacts the community.

An early visioning sustainability plan shows what is possible when there is still the opportunity to implement solutions. By planning for solutions from the beginning, the likelihood of their success increases and their impact on project costs often decreases.

We strategically measure project impacts to first establish goals and then map out the path to achieve them. Our analysis provides initial calculations looking at how the energy, water, and emissions balance out across the site, based on the demands of the buildings and site elements.

Our sustainable master plans begin with four main discussions:

By starting these four discussions early in the design, we can ensure that our sustainability plan will contribute to a lasting project that positively impacts the world around it.

In the image and brochure below we explore our service and four unique case studies where we used this method to explore sustainability plan paths with our client.

Learn more about our sustainability services in the brochure below: