• Image courtesy of Kevin Scott.

200 Occidental

Seattle, WA

Business Type

New mixed-use office building


214,000 square feet

Located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, this new seven-story office building with retail spaces and parking serves as headquarters for Weyerhaeuser Co. An enclosed rooftop amenity space, a terrace, and a lounge are some of the highly sustainable and comfortable spaces that employees and visitors can enjoy.



  • LEED Platinum

Progress Report

20% better energy savings than typical Seattle office building

30% increased fresh air ventilation over code

Special features

  • The all-electric building uses zero fossil fuel for a healthy and sustainable environment.

  • A heat recovery ventilation air handling unit, air source VRF heat pump system, and operable windows support partial passive cooling for a space with exceptional indoor air quality. Overall, the ventilations system increase fresh air by 30% over code.

  • The building is enclosed by a high-performance, glass curtain wall which provides sun shading and a reflective backdrop to the adjacent Occidental Park. Rooftop solar PV and a green roof offers additional energy savings.