• Image courtesy of Christian Colombres and Edward Running

  • Image courtesy of Christian Colombres and Edward Running

Agricultural Science Complex, Chemeketa Community College

Salem, OR

Business Type



21,000 square feet

Community and education hub to promote teaching and learning about sustainable agriculture. Flexibile learning and research areas allow for working and collaboration space for students, faculty, staff, and community partners.


Progress Report

  • Net Zero Energy Pilot Program through PGE
  • Designed to LEED Silver

Special features

  • Constructed with local mass timber, regionally honored by Woodworks with an award for excellence in wood building design.
  • The photovoltaic roof harnesses energy from the sun while also shading and sheltering the walkway beneath
  • Radiant floors offer heating and cooling
  • Mixed-mode Ventiliation using 1) operable windows and turbine ventilators for natural ventilation and 2) Dedicated Outside Air system to provide mechanical ventilation
  • Enhanced thermal performance of the building envelope allowed for reduced mechanical systems.
  • Heat pump water heater for domestic hot water

Media Coverage

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