• Image courtesy of Fortress Development Group

Avenue B Mixed-Use Towers

Bellevue, WA

Project Categories

Housing + hospitality

Business Type

Multi-occupancy High-End Residential, Hotel Development


1.2 million square feet

The high-end residential and hotel development hosts a cohesive mix of dynamic social and business experiences within the two 20+ story towers serving as a beacon and anchor to the Bellevue skyline and city experience.




Fortress Development Group

Special features

  • To meet the high level of occupant comfort demanded by this luxury development, the technology team implemented 1Gbps Fiber optic telecommunications, over 20 times faster than typical high-speed internet connections.
  • Wireless locksets allow multiple modes of restricted access, including Bluetooth proximity sensors for permanent residents, app-controlled entry, and conventional keycard access.
  • Through a user-friendly system, the developer is able to modify security access for hotel residents, guarantee all-inclusive access to condo owners, and coordinate access permissions for future occupants.
  • All of these robust systems were designed with elegance in mind – accomplished with a smaller floorplan and less energy use and allowing for more leasable floor space in the development.