• Rendering courtesy of FFA Architecture and Interiors.

Beaverton Public Safety Center

Beaverton, OR

Business Type

New public safety facility


72,000 square feet

The all-electric building is a unique collaboration between the community, city, and utility. By using systems with multiple benefits, the project was able to achieve it's public safety, resiliency, and sustainability goals. This innovative solution is replicable for other emergency operation centers.



  • Pursuing LEED Platinum

Progress Report

6.5 EUI with PV, 25.7 EUI without PV compared to 41.3 EUI typical of a 24-hour public safety building in Portland built to code

Special features

  • All electric building

  • 300 kW solar photovoltaic array

  • 1 MWh / 250 kW battery storage system microgrid

  • Level 4 seismic resiliency

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