Carver Hall, Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA

Business Type

Higher-education academic and fitness building


165,000 square feet

The historic hall was originally built in 1936 and in need of renovations. The new design incorporates increased energy efficiency and susatinable features while adding 83,000 more square feet.


LMN Architects


Western Washington University



Percent Better Energy Efficiency

Over code building


Percent Better Water Efficiency

Over code building



  • LEED Gold

Special features

  • Added insulation to 100+ year-old existing building greatly improves envelope performance
  • High-performance glazing maximizes passive heating and cooling
  • Shading reduces energy loads and improves daylighting and indoor environmental quality
  • Daylight harvesting and dimming reduces energy usage
  • Low power density lighting system
  • Passive cooling with limited mechanical cooling further reduces energy use
  • Demand controlled ventilation with CO2 monitors reduces energy usage for ventilation while the building is vacant
  • Low-flow hot-water fixtures reduce water-heating energy usage
  • Internal loads are reduced by implementing low-power computing strategies and phantom load reductions
  • Building materials provide thermal mass
  • Heat recovery for all air handlers
  • Gym is design for an expanded conform range with fan-assisted natural ventilation for improved comfort during events