• Photo courtesy of Edward LaCasse.

  • Photo courtesy of Edward LaCasse.

  • Photo courtesy of Edward LaCasse.

PACCAR Environmental Technology Building, Washington State University

Pullman, WA

Business Type

Higher-education research and academic building


96,000 square feet

Aimed at tackling a variety of global and environmental challenges, this science and engineering building houses programs dedicated to researching sustainable / renewable materials, environmental engineering, and atmospheric research.


LMN Architects


Washington State University – Pullman



  • LEED Gold

Progress Report

Pursuing 21% energy efficiency
Pursuing 70% potable water efficiency

Special features

  • Variable-air-volume systems in the labs reduce outside air requirements.
  • A heat-recovery system reduces the heating and cooling demands of the building. Heating and cooling energy produced by the building’s laboratories is captured and returned to the building for reuse, in lieu of expelling it outdoors.
  • Rainwater harvesting for flushing toilets.