• Photo courtesy of Christian Columbres.

Downtown Academic Building, Lane Community College

Eugene, OR

Business Type

Higher-education academic building featuring the school’s Energy Management Program


90,000 square feet

This LEED Platinum building is designed to channel available passive resources for superior environmental quality and energy efficiency. PAE’s mechanical and electrical engineering not only saves 50% more energy than a code building, but also serves as an educational tool for Lane’s Energy Management Program.



  • LEED Platinum

Progress Report

Achieved 50% energy efficiency
Achieved 50%+ potable water efficiency

Special features

  • Closed-loop ground-coupled heat exchanger
  • Shafts from the roof to lower floors for daylighting and night-flush natural ventilation
  • Rainwater reclamation
  • Radiant ceiling panels and a hydronic radiant floor system
  • Vertical solar hot-water array that doubles as shading device
  • 13 kW PV array
  • Mixed-mode natural ventilation
  • Building metering system