• Rendering courtesy of NBBJ and Motiv.

Elks Children’s Eye Clinic, OHSU

Portland, OR

Project Categories


Business Type

New five-story clinic


64,000 square foot




Oregon Health & Science University



  • Pursuing Architecture 2030
  • Pursuing LEED Gold

Progress Report

  • 40% reduction in indoor water usage compared to a baseline building

  • 40% reduction in lighting power density compared to a baseline building (0.50W/sf)

Building energy use intensity (EUI) of 23.9 kBtu/sf/yr:

  • 74% reduction in energy use compared to regional baseline building EUI of 93.3 kBtu/sf/yr

  • 40% reduction in energy use compared to Oregon Code baseline building EUI of 39.9 kBtu/sf/yr

  • 38% reduction in energy use compared to ASHRAE baseline building

  • Exceeds the Architecture 2030 challenge by over 70% reduction in energy use below the regional average

Special features

  • No natural gas used in the building

  • High-performance building envelope

  • Dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with an energy recovery wheel provides ventilation and a variable flow refrigerant (VRF) system with local refrigerant heat recovery provides heating and cooling to each temperature zone

  • A heat pump water heater provides domestic hot water two- to three-times more efficiently than standard electric resistance water heaters

  • Employed ultra-low flow sinks and lavatories, low flow water closets, and hybrid waterless urinals

  • Full LED lighting solution with networked lighting controls

  • The project will be Net Zero Ready by the Energy Trust of Oregon allowing for future addition of PV panels or renewables to achieve Net Zero Energy

Media Coverage

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