• Courtesy of Lara Swimmer

  • Courtesy of Lara Swimmer

Athletic Center, Oregon Episcopal School

Portland, OR

Business Type

New athletic center and upgraded central utility plant


20,103 square feet

The renovation and expansion of this 60-year old athletic facility adds full-size basketball and volleyballs courts along with bleachers and support spaces to the school’s campus. The updates aimed to be an inspiring and comfortable place for all students, from beginners to varsity, to enjoy sports. The center hosts varsity games and P.E. classes and also serves as a place for day to day activities for the entire school community.



  • Net Zero Ready
  • Architecture 2030

Special features

  • Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) with heat recovery using displacement ventilation provides healthier indoor air quality, comfort, and increased energy efficiency
  • Passively heated and cooled due to an enhanced envelope and exterior solar shading. Turbine ventilators on the roof and automatically operable windows allow for cool outdoor air to be induced into the space.
  • Meets Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) Path to Net Zero energy program requirements.
  • Energy Use Intensity of 19 compared to typical Energy Use Intensity of 55
  • Energy savings of 65% from code
  • Structural Category IV resiliency

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