• Photos courtesy of Brad Feinknopf

  • Photos courtesy of Brad Feinknopf

  • Photos courtesy of Brad Feinknopf

Karl Miller Center, Portland State University

Portland, OR

Business Type

Higher education academic building housing the School of Business Administration


142,000 square feet

Passive cooling strategies are married with vibrant atrium design and enhanced classroom spaces in the addition and renovation to Portland State University’s School of Business Administration – A LEED Platinum building with more than 40% energy and water use reduction over code.


SRG Partnership, Behnisch Architekten


Portland State University



  • LEED Platinum

Progress Report

Achieved 52% energy efficiency
Achieved 40% potable water efficiency
EUI of 24

Special features

  • Night flushing, thermal mass, and automated operable windows replace a typical mechanical cooling system
  • Heat extraction from the campus chilled water loop creates a symbiotic relationship between building heating and campus cooling needs
  • Daylighting and efficient glazing optimize indoor environmental quality and efficiency
  • Daylight sensors and automatic lighting reduce energy consumption