• Knight Cancer Research Building at OHSU

  • Knight Cancer Research Building at OHSU

  • Knight Cancer Research Building at OHSU

Knight Cancer Research Building, OHSU

Portland, OR

Business Type

Research laboratory


300,000 square feet

Hosting prominent scientists committed to cancer research, the KCRB features wet, dry, and computational laboratories along with an auditorium, social hub and rooftop terrace. Embracing an integrated project delivery model, designers and engineers collaborated with scientists and researchers throughout the project’s development. The result is a design that correlates perfectly with occupant needs and is proof that labs can be sustainable.


SRG Partnership


Oregon Health & Sciences University

Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

JH Kelly, TCM Corp, Cherry City Electric



  • Architecture 2030
  • LEED Platinum

Special features

  • Variable speed lab exhaust fans respond to exterior wind conditions and reduce energy use.
  • Achieved an EUI of 95 for the first year of operation, in part by lowering the minimum speed of lab exhaust fans during calm wind conditions. This compares to the I2SL benchmark EUI of 265 and the ASHRAE 90.1 baseline EUI of 189.
  • An innovating cascading air system saves energy by reusing conditioned, treated air from the lab to perimeter offices reducing the reheat energy needed in the labs for exhaust.
  • Heat recovery chiller and air-side heat recovery is employed for energy efficiency.

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