• Photo courtesy of Parallel Photography.

Lowrie Primary School

Wilsonville, OR

Project Categories

K-12 education

Business Type

New primary-education facility


72,000 square feet

This new school’s design facilitates increased student involvement and innovative educational approaches. Among the building’s unique spaces are flexible and open classrooms, outdoor learning areas, and a gymnasium that features interactive video games and a rock climbing wall. The building houses a library, multiple kitchens, common area, stage, and administration spaces.




West Linn-Wilsonville School District



  • LEED Gold

Progress Report

Achieved 20-35% energy efficiency
Achieved 50%+ potable water efficiency

Special features

  • Rainwater reclamation for toilet flushing, and waterless urinals to save water
  • Occupancy sensors and daylighting (continuously dimmed and switched systems)
  • Along with photovoltaic panels, a wind turbine generates an additional 2kW of power
  • Green light system that informs students when it is appropriate (based on outside weather and temperature) to open the operable windows.
  • Metering system to track HVAC, lighting, plug load, water, and gas energy consumption, and also photovoltaic and wind electricity production.
  • Color-coded LED fixtures display building electricity, gas, and water consumption, and also photovoltaic and wind electricity production.