• Rendering courtesy of Mission Rock Partners.

Mission Rock Central Plant Study + Concepts

San Francisco, CA

Business Type

Mixed-use residential and commercial neighborhood


3.5 million square feet: 28 acres of buildings with acreage and 8 acres dedicated to parks

During the evaluation stage of central plant options, PAE utilized detailed system simulation modeling to predict energy performance and fed the results into a comprehensive 25-year Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).


Progress Report

Targeting LEED Gold

Special features

  • Blackwater and district energy system includes central chilled water production, heating hot water production, and bay water exchange.

  • As compared with the code baseline approach, the proposed central plant is anticipated to achieve a 65% reduction in annual energy use, a 3.7-million-gallon reduction in annual cooling tower water use, and a 1,760 ton reduction in onsite carbon emissions.

  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Article 12C Non-Potable Water Program required Mission Rock to install and operate a non-potable water system onsite to treat and reuse available graywater, rainwater, and foundation drainage for toilet and urinal flushing and irrigation.

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