• Photo courtesy of Ankrom Moisan Architects and Casey Braunger.

Orchards at Orenco

Hillsboro, OR

Business Type

Affordable-housing development


57,000 square feet

An ambitious project tackling sustainability in multi-family affordable housing, Orchards at Orenco is built to Passive House energy standards, offering occupants an extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective interior without active heating and cooling systems. Opened as the nation’s largest Passive House certified project.


Ankrom Moisan Architects, William Wilson Architects


REACH Community Development


Percent better energy efficiency

than code requirements



  • Passive House

Progress Report

Achieved 33% energy efficiency

Special features

  • Central dedicated outside air ventilation heat recovery tempered with heat pump for heating and cooling, reducing energy and providing better indoor air quality
  • Central high-efficiency domestic hot water
  • Natural ventilation along with a super-insulated envelope
  • Efficient low-flow and dual-flush plumbing fixtures
  • “Window Watchers” override a living unit’s heating system if the windows are open
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting and occupancy sensors

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