• Image courtesy of Parkmerced.

Parkmerced Development

San Francisco, CA

Business Type

Residential development made up of 91 buildings, 8,900 residential units, destination retail outlets, local markets, fitness centers, and other commercial spaces


152 acres

PAE provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the 152-acre master plan and MEP design services for over a million square feet of residential buildings. PAE’s design aimed at creating comfortable and energy-efficient homes on a self-reliant campus.



  • Pursuing LEED Silver

Progress Report

Pursuing 20% energy efficiency
Pursuing 50% potable water efficiency

Special features

  • Cogeneration strategies produce electricity and use waste heat to serve hot-water demand
  • Reclaimed greywater provided by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) will be used for irrigation and non-potable demands
  • Onsite blackwater treatment systems will produce non-potable water to be used for irrigation and non-potable demands
  • Solar-ready rooftop photovoltaic systems, with average system size for each building at 60 kW
  • 100% stormwater runoff reduction through constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment
  • Efficient low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • HVAC systems utilize a natural ventilation system through operable windows, ceiling fans, and cross ventilation to improve thermal comfort