• Photo credit Christian Columbres

  • Photo credit Christian Columbres

Patriot Hall, Clatsop Community College

Astoria, OR

Project Categories

Higher education

Business Type

New student health and fitness center


36,000 square feet

Unique for an athletic facility, this coastal fitness center is only cooled by natural ventilation.


SRG Partnership


Clatsop Community College



  • Pursuing Net-Zero Energy

Progress Report

70% better energy efficiency than code
55% better water savings than code

Special features

  • The building is cooled naturally by pulling air from automated windows during optimal outdoor conditions, distributing via ceiling fans, and ventilating through 15 rooftop turbine ventilators
  • A 1,500 gallon solar thermal water system provides 60% of domestic potable hot water and approximately15% hot water for radiant floor slab heating
  • Heat recovery from the ventilation, radiant slab heating, and high efficiency gas boilers combine to deliver heat efficiently, when needed
  • Low flow fixtures reduce water use by 55%