• Photo courtesy of Loren Nelson.

  • Photo courtesy of Hedrich Blessing.

Port of Portland Headquarters

Portland, OR

Business Type

Offices and parking for the Port of Portland headquarters at the Portland International Airport


Office: 205,000 square feet. Parking: 1,200,000 square feet.



  • Net Zero Ready
  • Carbon neutral
  • Architecture 2030
  • LEED Platinum

Progress Report

Achieved 50% energy efficiency
Achieved 80% potable water efficiency

Special features

  • 200 vertical closed-loop geo-exchange boreholes provide renewable heating and cooling source
  • Living machine to treat wastewater onsite
  • Reclaimed water for toilet flushing
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Radiant heating and cooling with heat recovery and dedicated outside-air ventilation
  • Efficient daylighting controls