• Image courtesy of James Ewing / JBSA.

Portland Building Renovation

Portland, OR

Business Type

Government Offices


360,000 square feet

The renovation of this historical landmark was done under a successful progressive design-build delivery model, which finished one year ahead of schedule. The new workspace for about 1,400 City of Portland staff will last well into the next century.


DLR Group


City of Portland

Project Partners

HSW and DayCPM



  • LEED Platinum

Progress Report

  • Energy savings of 32% better than Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code
  • Post-reconstruction water savings of 45%
  • The building performs 32% better than Oregon energy code, 56% better than the original Portland Building, and 72% better than a typical office building based on CBECS data
  • Daylight area increased from 4% to 20%

Special features

  • All-electric building allows for 29% energy cost savings
  • Water cooled chillers and high efficiency gas boilers improve air quality and reduce energy use
  • VAV air handling units utilize a high percentage of outside air for energy efficiency
  • Low flow fixtures use 32% less water than a typical baseline building
  • Ventilation system designed to provide 30% more fresh air than required by code to increase cognitive function and occupant productivity

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