Rocklin Data Center

Rocklin, CA

Project Categories

Mission critical

Business Type

Data center


4,000 square feet


WD Partners


Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Special features

  • A Bloom Fuel Cell Plant powered by natural gas and sized at 600 kW provides power to the data center
  • To address the data center power density of 160 W/SF, the cooling system includes a water-cooled central plant with future provisions for the installation of N+1 redundancy at the cooling tower, chiller, and pumps level
  • The central plant includes a boiler heating plant to provide heating to the office area of the building
  • Was entirely designed and delivered as a pre-fabricated and factory-assembled piece of equipment, and shipped to the site in sectionalized containers
  • The data center area is cooled with an N+1 CRAH unit scheme that includes cold/hot design airflow management, and the CRAH units include variable-speed EC plug fans for added energy efficiency
  • Emergency backup power was provided in an N+1 redundancy scheme by the generator and UPS systems