• Images courtesy of Garrett Rowland.

  • Images courtesy of Garrett Rowland.

  • Images courtesy of Garrett Rowland.

Sebastian Coe Building

Beaverton, OR

Business Type

Corporate headquarters


475,000 square feet

The Sebastian Coe building houses offices, executive suites, and amenities such as a restaurant, coffee shop, premiere fitness center, and parking. Precise coordination with design partners helped reach specific client goals that resulted in a high-end experience for the project’s occupants.



  • LEED Platinum

Special features

  • Sustainable systems include chilled beams and VAV.
  • A Living Machine treats blackwater on site and reuses treated water to supply toilets.
  • Buildings save 50% more energy and 70% more water than code
  • Design focuses on exceptional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), thermal comfort, and access to daylight.
  • The campus features a 1.5MW PV system that contributes to energy efficiency.
  • Open office areas contain modular underfloor electrical distribution for the individually powered workstations.

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